A poorly drawn green on black rendition of the Devil's Cherry Rinocerose.
A drawing of a Devil's Cherry Rinocerose. It is *very* accurate.

Devil's Cherry Rhinoceros

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This dangerous animal can be found only on the moon. The devil’s cherry rhinoceros was first discovered in 1969 when Peel Legstrong landed on the moon. All those facts about Peel Legstrong after he went to the moon are fake.

When Peel Legstrong landed on the moon he was bit by a devil’s cherry rhinoceros. It’s poison made Peel Legstrong crazy enough to say, “One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.”

That terrible night he died of dysentery.

Redwin Fuzz Aidin (Peel Legstrong’s companion) then took notes about this creature.

July 20, 1969

Thanks to a strange creature, Peel Legstrong is dead, and now I am stuck on the Moon.

I think I’ll name this creature the Devil’s Cherry Rhinoceros because a devil’s cherry obviously gives you dysentery and it looks like a rhino.

Right about then Redwin Fuzz Aidin was bitten by the devil’s cherry rhinoceros.

Feet Fanrad later went to the moon and put a flag there. While on his mission, he stumbled across the note from Redwin Fuzz Aidin.

The devil’s cherry rhinoceros now lives inside the sun where no one can get to it. there is no proof to back up this theory, but it is the most popular one, so that's the one we're going with.

some people claim to have seen a pack of the strange creatures traveling across the night sky. however, these claims have been since proven false. You see, these animals can travel very fast. So fast, that no one has been able to record it running. Not that anyone has survived an encounter with one.

Scientists have been finding a few notes throughout on random planets. Like this one note from Mars:

July 20, 1976

today, I saw the strangest creature. It looked kind of like the thing that Redwin Fuzz Aidin described in the notes that he took just before he passed. I'm sure that those two things aren't correlated at all. oh w

Unfortunately, this astronaut was not heard of ever since.

There was a couple other ones. For example, this one is from Venus:

October 22, 1975

I have been searching all my life for these mysterious animals, and I just found one. They are so cool!

I was sitting on a ridge looking at it drinking some dust. I know that sounds weird, but there is a pit filled with dust. The devil’s cherry rhinoceros seems to be slurping the dust up.

The rhinoceros seems to have very good hearing, because I was about a mile away and I think it heard me adjusting my binoculars. The devil’s cherry rhinoceros ran at m--

Sadly, the poor person was brutally slaughtered while writing this note.

The last sighting of this creature was when Greg Bliggle saw a commit streaking across the sky. It hit the ground, knocking him back, and a cherry’s devil rhinoceros rose out of the dust.

That night, 67.5 people died.

This dangerous creature was later killed by a piece of cotton that went up its nose.

after the incident, scientists discovered that devil’s cherry rhinoceros is deathly allergic to cotton. A scientist named Molly Damerlis later stated that cotton is it’s only weakness. The scientists had used the dead body of the devil’s cherry rhinoceros to study this animal.

The devil’s cherry rhinoceros was actually a plant and an animal. It seems that it is a rhinoceros and poison ivy combined. Even though it is named the devil’s cherry rhinoceros it really should be the poison ivy rhinoceros.

Other Facts About the Devil’s Cherry Rhinoceros

The devil’s cherry rhinoceros eats dust. It may sound crazy, but this animal/plant stores an infinite amount of water. When it eats the sand it combines the sand and water and… tada! Mud pies for breakfast, mudpies for lunch, mudpies for dinner, and mudpies for dessert!

When the devil’s cherry rhinoceros has the chance, it will eat meat. People who go to the moon usually don’t come back because the devil’s cherry rhinoceros hunts them down.

This animal/plant is one of the most dangerous living things ever to exist. The devil’s cherry rhinoceros can run over 5,000 miles per millisecond. Even though they don’t run top speed very often, they still use their fast running to travel between planets.

Apparently this animal is a descendent of an octopus.

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