A combination of an elephant and a tree. The trunk looks like an elephant except for the head, and the foliage resembles the shape of an elephant head.
An elephant tree growing on the side of a road.

The Elephant Tree

Elephant trees are a combination of a tree and an elephant. These creatures are incredibly rare because they require an oak tree to absorb an elephant at exactly 2:00 in the morning. If the tree absorbs the elephant at any other time, it becomes a different species. The absorption process is started by an elephant breaking both of its tusks on the lower half of the tree.
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Many sciententist have been studying this marvelous creature for years. So far only two of these elephant trees have been found in the wild. However, the scientists have been able to create only three more.

Elephant trees were discovered in 2001 when a young explorer by the name of Marva Moloney. Marva was exploring a section of an oak forest and stumbled apon the creature. this puzzled Marva because where she was exploring, idn't have anything like this. she decided to name this creature an elephant tree after the elephant-like features on a tree. some people say that it was a lucky break because later scientists discovered that it infact was an elephant and a tree put together

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